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Our Take on Machu Picchu Tours

We feel strongly in the value of private, tailor-made trips for the discerning traveler; both for the experience of the visitor, as well as the sustainability of local Andean communities.

We are a high level International team that is on the ground in Peru, deeply understanding the cultural and logistical realities of what travel to Machu Picchu is today. Let us show you how to visit this iconic lost city in the Andes in comfort and authenticity.

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Travel Experts

Riva Bacquet

After completing her degree at Claremont College in International Studies, Riva has spent the last five years living, working and travelling throughout South America. From her base in Lima, Peru, she actively manages the hotels and experiences in which our guests take part in.

Kristina Rudge

Following her master’s degree from London School of Economics, Kristina has lived and traveled in South America for most of the past six years. Kristina’s high level expertise ranges from Peruvian gastronomy to the best luxury hotel rooms on the continent.

Staci Steele

After receiving her degree in biological sciences from University of Texas four years ago, Staci embarked on a South American journey that continues to this day. While travel isn’t always the first choice for any budding scientist in biological sciences, Staci has found her niche exploring the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon, Andes and the Galapagos.

Gina Allman

After receiving her degree in accounting from Durango College and a few grueling tax season’s, Gina has decided to take her life’s Journey to Peru. Gina deeply understands the expectations of discerning travelers and has an incredible knack for matching expectations with her on the ground expertise.

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